Biometrics Age: Biometrics + Blood parameters

Biometrics Age Clock is a new aging clock that gives a unique view of body’s aging process and warning about

potential health risks. The clock uses 17 Blood markers and 4 Biometrics measures to predict biological age.

Biological Age prediction is followed by insights into health and tips for a longer, healthier life.

Predicting Pace of Aging with only 21 health parameters

Biometrics Age Clock utilizes a variety of health metrics to predict and comprehend the

aging process.

With Biometrics Age Clock, you can :

    • Understand aging phenomenon : The clock offers a nuanced comprehension of the intricate processes associated with the aging
    • Personalised recommendations: Based on individual biometric profiles, the algorithm will generatepersonalised recommendations for proactive health management

    • Longevity and Well-being: By offering informed insights and tailored advice, the Biometrics Age clockcontributes to creating strategies for promoting longevity and overall well-being at scale

Using Our Biometrics Age Clock

  • Get your personalized Biometric Age Report by answering a few health questions and uploading your blood report effortlessly.

  • Access our Aging Clock via secure APIs and Deep Longevity’s SenoClock SaaS portal, providing users with convenient online access hosted within their region.

Bring Biometric Age Clock into your clinics & organisations

Know more about Biometrics Age Clock

What is Biometrics Age Clock?

Biometric Age represents the intensity of your aging processes that we measure using a proprietary aging clock. This model examines the signs of cellular aging in your blood and body structures, providing insights into the pace of your aging process.

How can I access the Biometrics Age Clock?

Access is available through secure APIs and Deep Longevity’s SenoClock SaaS portal, offering convenient online usage hosted within your specific region.

Is the Biometrics Age Clock suitable for all age groups?

The platform is tailored to offer personalized health insights for non-pregnant individuals aged 20 to 65 years.

Are my uploaded health records and information kept confidential?

Yes, maintaining the privacy and confidentiality of user data is a top priority. The platform adheres to strict security measures to safeguard personal health information.

Are there any specific requirements for uploading a blood report?

The platform typically accepts standard blood reports with our listed parameters. Ensure that the uploaded report is recent and accurately reflects your current health status.

How is it different from Blood Age Clock?

The Blood Age Clock needs 45 Blood Parameters to predict your biological age, while the BioMetric Age Clock only needs 17 Blood Parameters and 4 Biometrics.