SenoClock® Gold: AI-Powered Preventive Health Platform

SenoClock Gold makes it easy to use aging clocks for better health

The complete Wellness Platform to counter Aging

Comprehensive Assessment: SenoClock Gold provides a thorough assessment of your physical and mental wellbeing, allowing you to understand how your biological age and psychological profile compares to your chronological age. This knowledge is the first step in addressing aging-related issues.

Tailored Strategies: Based on your assessment results, SenoClock Gold offers personalised recommendations and strategies to target specific health concerns. Whether it’s optimising your physical health or enhancing your mental well-being, these recommendations are designed to empower you to make informed decisions.

Ongoing Support: We believe that aging well is a continuous process. SenoClock Gold offers ongoing support and regular assessments to help you track your progress and adapt your strategies as needed.

Account Management

Account Management: Insurance Brokers can create multiple customers and manage the accounts on their behalf – this is unique functionality in SenoClock Gold

Tracking Health Parameters

Complete Aging History: All SenoClock Gold users can now see their pace of aging progressing with time, observe Organ Health status and track mental wellbeing scores. Detailed health summary reports are available.

User Management

Easy User Management: Admins can now create user accounts via bulk upload through Excel or manually. Users can be assigned specific aging clocks, deactivated, sent reminders.

Aggregate Employee Health Insights

SenoClock Gold admins will have access to a dashboard which offers a comprehensive view of the overall health of the employees in their organisation at an aggregate level.

Advancing health with AI based personalisation

Know your Psychological Age

SenoClock Gold involves a process of introspection and assessment through a psychological questionnaire aimed at determining an individual’s mental and emotional wellbeing relative to their chronological age.

Improve your wellbeing parameters

Comprehensive assessment of your mental and emotional state, providing valuable insights that can guide you towards improving your overall well-being.

Know your Blood parameters & Organ Health Scores

SenoClock Gold provides a precise, data-driven approach to understanding the aging process and identifying areas that may require attention for optimal health and longevity.

Steps to your Best Age

Reports enable individuals to tailor personalised strategies to improve their well-being, such as diet and lifestyle modifications, targeted interventions, and new exercise regimen.

Want to improve your consumers, patient’s or employee’s

Health, Wellness & Longevity ?

Frequently asked questions about SenoClock® Gold

What's SenoClock Gold?

SenoClock Gold is Deep Longevity’s latest product offering focused on Employers and enterprises looking to take longevity solutions to their customers. Like SenoClock platform, it provides all the aging clocks and longevity recommendations and is accessible via web browsers.

SenoClock Gold introduces a host of new functionalities. Most notably, users will be able to track their health parameters over time and gain valuable insights on how following the recommendations are helping their health and longevity.

How does SenoClock Gold work?

SenoClock Gold needs users to register using a unique link that will be shared via email. Once logged in, they can take a psychological survey to improve their mental resilience and wellbeing. Regular Blood Reports can be uploaded to receive biological age prediction and personalised recommendations to improve health.

What features and functionalities does it offer for aging well?

SenoClock Gold brings aging clock technology to the end users and allows a novel approach to improve physical and mental health. Health parameters can be tracked over time using simple dashboards. Detailed reports and actions can be journaled and maintained within the platform. Our AI-powered recommendation engine represents an advanced and comprehensive solution for not only tracking aging progress but also facilitating wellness improvements.

Is the platform customizable to our organization's or individual needs?

We are open to that. There’ll be a customization cost, but the platform can be tailormade for your business.

What types of data and analytics does the platform provide to track aging progress and wellness improvements?

The platform offers two levels of analytics at this stage, at a user level where all relevant health parameters are provided in neat dashboards and at an organization level where aggregate analytics is offered for the entire population of users allowing the organization or the enterprise to effectively measure health trends.

What level of support and resources do you offer for implementation and ongoing support?

Every implementation is treated in a unique manner. We will create custom plans for deployments. Deep Longevity offers standard support plans which can be modified based on business needs.

What security measures are in place to protect sensitive aging-related data and personal information?

Deep Longevity prioritizes the security of personal data and personal information. We’ve data encryption, access control, and ongoing monitoring in place. The entire platform is hosted on AWS and benefits from top-of-the-line infrastructure.

Can the platform integrate with existing healthcare systems, electronic health records (EHRs), or other health-related databases?

SenoClock Gold API offers effortless integration with your existing healthcare systems, electronic health records (EHRs), and other health-related databases, ensuring a smooth and cohesive data management experience.