Leading preventive health and wellness with unique aging clock technology

At the forefront of longevity research, we are the pioneers of aging clocks and have been developing them since 2014

We have developed SenoClock Gold, a user-friendly SaaS platform designed to facilitate easy access to our aging clocks for employees / customers

Our reports bring unique insight

Analyse Biological Age

Our aging clock summary reports integrates the predicted biological age, the true measure of health and ageing, with various other health dimensions to give patients a true view of their health and longevity

Identify key drivers of aging

Detailed insight into how blood, mental health and psychological profile, and other da a types play a part in longevity; relative comparisons with peer groups in the organisation and wider population

Engage with users and make them younger

Biological Age is a vital statistic and motivator to improve health span. Users able to work on their health & longevity with personalised recommendations on diet, exercise

We’re a global team hailing from different countries

CEO Speak

Deep Longevity is committed to enable health and longevity by being science led in developing its portfolio of aging clocks