Our aging clocks are transforming core industry processes

With the ability to provide a more precise and individualized comprehension of the aging and underlying health processes, Deep Longevity’s Aging clocks hold the potential to revolutionize human health and preventive care. Traditionally, chronological age has been used as a marker for health status and disease risk, but research has shown that biological and psychological age may be a more accurate indicator.

The future is data-driven. Every industry that deals with human health and productivity can maximize its potential with a consolidated approach to data engineering and longevity. Having a variety of data types like blood reports, psychological surveys, microbiomic reports etc. at their disposal for predictive health analysis and recommendations, enterprises can create unique customer and employee journeys to differentiate themselves and bring more value to their stakeholders.

Evidence-backed, peer-reviewed, and simple to use, our technology is set to disrupt the way these industries function.

Improve risk assessment & enhance customer experience with biological age

Insurance Providers

Get a deeper understanding of the present and future health of customers, adjust health cover and premiums on the go, and keep customers engaged on the path to longer, better, healthier, and happier lives. More customers. Higher impact. Longer lives.

As people age, the risk of developing chronic conditions increases, leading to higher healthcare costs. By using our aging clocks, insurance companies can identify individuals who are at higher risk of developing chronic conditions and provide targeted interventions that can help prevent or delay the onset of these conditions.

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Boost employee productivity, health, and loyalty

Employers / HR

Employers can use our aging clocks to develop wellness programs and other initiatives that promote the importance of healthspan and mental resilience among their employees. By identifying individuals who are at higher risk of developing chronic conditions, employers can provide targeted interventions that can help prevent or delay the onset of these conditions, reducing healthcare costs and improving productivity.

Take your human resource planning to the next level. Evaluate and encourage the best physical and mental health practices in your talent. Our advanced aging clock technology takes a personalized approach to improve performance, avoid sick days, and boost employee productivity, morale, satisfaction, happiness, and wellness.

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Upgrade your services with advanced aging clock technology and a preventive medicine framework

Healthcare Providers, Hospitals, Clinics

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Equip your hospital with state-of-the-art, evidence-based longevity technology. Our aging clocks enable doctors to identify at risk patients and provide early intervention. By providing a more accurate and personalized understanding of the aging process, aging clocks can help healthcare providers develop more targeted and effective preventive care strategies. Expand your services to sign up new patients and help people live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

Healthcare providers can use our aging clocks to develop personalized care plans for their patients. By identifying an individual’s biological age, providers can tailor treatments and interventions that are more effective and efficient. For example, individuals who are identified as having a higher biological age can be targeted with interventions that can help prevent or delay the onset of chronic conditions. In addition, aging clocks can also be used to monitor the effectiveness of preventive care strategies over time. By tracking changes in biological age, healthcare providers can determine whether interventions are effective and make adjustments as needed.

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Extend your blood reports with deep-learning aging clock predictions

Diagnostic Labs

Add data-driven and research-backed blood report interpretation to expand your diagnostic services. Learn how Deep Longevity’s aging clocks can decipher valuable information that remains invisible in a standard clinical blood report. Beat the competition and help your customers get a deeper insight into their current and future health prospects.

Our aging clocks can be used in a variety of diagnostic applications, including identifying individuals who are at higher risk of developing chronic conditions, monitoring disease progression, and evaluating the effectiveness of treatments.

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Data-driven policy development to uplift and heal the population physical and mental health

Government & Public Health

Aging clocks can help governments and public health organizations develop policies and programs that proactively keeps the population healthier, helps them live longer, thereby reducing the cost of healthcare and boosting productivity.

Governments will also be able to address the unique needs of older adults and those who need help with mental health. By understanding the aging process and the factors that contribute to healthy aging, stress, anxiety, policymakers can create programs that promote healthy aging and improve quality of life.

Get precise insights and interpretation from highly scalable and inexpensive technology deployed over the cloud. Create awareness for an early warning system that encourages people to take active interest in their physical and mental health. Learn how this technology can shorten the processes, embolden your decisions, and lead to better results.

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Healthspan is the immediate, realisable goal

Consumer Health & Consumer Goods


Our aging clocks help individuals monitor their health and identify potential health issues before they become serious. By tracking changes in biological age over time, individuals can make lifestyle changes, take necessary supplements and vitamins, that can improve their overall health and well-being.

As the population ages, consumer goods companies need to adapt to the changing needs and preferences of older adults. Our aging clocks can provide valuable insights into the aging process, allowing companies to develop products and services that meet the unique needs of older adults.

This is a unique opportunity for Consumer Health companies to differentiate themselves and be vested in the health and longevity of the consumers.

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At Deep Longevity, we offer cutting-edge solutions to help various industries navigate the complex challenges associated with aging, healthspan and longevity. Our state-of-the-art aging clocks are designed to provide accurate and reliable information about an individual’s biological & mind age, allowing organizations to make informed decisions that can help improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and increase productivity.

Overall, aging clocks have the potential to revolutionize human health and preventive care by providing a more accurate and personalized understanding of the process of aging and staying healthy. By identifying individuals who are at higher risk of developing chronic conditions and providing targeted interventions, we can improve health outcomes, reduce healthcare costs, and increase quality of life for people around the world.

At Deep Longevity, we are committed to providing the highest quality solutions to help organizations in a variety of industries navigate the challenges associated with longevity and healthspan.Contact us today to learn more about our aging clocks and how they can help your organization.