Wei-Wu He

Dr. He is a scientist, inventor, investor, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, CEO, author of more than 92 academic papers, and a co-author of over 32 patents. He serves as Executive Chairman of Human Longevity Inc and a Board of Director of OriGene Technologies, and a founder and General Partner of Emerging Technologies. Over the decades, he has been associated with several reputed organizations, such as Human Genome Sciences, IDG-Accel, Massachusetts General Hospital, Intradigm Corp, MithraGen Inc, Mayo Clinic, and more. He has also supported more than 60 biotech startups.

Dr. He’s research and inventions revolve around proteins, antibodies, enzymes, polypeptides, DNA (RNA) encoding, and molecular and cellular biology with one goal: to alleviate human aging and associated diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis, head injury, and skin and tissue repair, etc.